The Mommy Experiment Starts June 2nd!

Motherhood is like a school science project.  We test ideas and hope to find the winning formula to raise our kids.  Join Baby C & I as we reveal our (unscientific) lab results on cloth diapers, homemade baby food, sleep strategies, and other infant experiments.  Starting June 2, we’ll put baby sign language classes to the test!

When I brought my daughter home from the hospital, I loved to watch her sleep. (I rarely followed the repeated advice, “Sleep when your baby does!”) She always smiled, which made me wonder what she was dreaming about. Maybe she saw angels. Perhaps puppies and rainbows. My sorority sister Lisa told me Baby C dreamt of all the joys we know innately when we are new to this earth and often forget as we get older. I shared this with a male friend, who’s a father of three. He told me she probably was dreaming of drinking milk or pooping!

I wished Baby C could communicate to tell him her mommy was right☺ Unfortunately, she can’t answer any questions at this time. But what if she could? How helpful that would be if she told me when she wanted more milk, when she was done eating oatmeal, or when was too hot, especially since I always layered her in clothes, mittens, and hats when the temperature dropped. Of course, she can’t verbalize those things, but can she show me better than she can tell me? That’s the question I asked myself when I saw an infomercial about baby sign language. I was a HUGE skeptic. Still am. But as a new mom, I am open-minded and willing to try anything once (well, maybe not anything) if it will benefit my baby. So tomorrow, another installment of The Mommy Experiment will get underway when we attend our first My Smart Hands™ class, which aims to teach Baby C how to sign everyday words. Let the signing begin!!


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